Bosque Los Arrayanes



flecha Is it possible to go to Bosque Los Arrayanes by Catamaran and return on foot?
Yes, it is. You can get either a return or a single ticket. If you choose a single ticket, you can travel by Catamaran on the way to the Forest and then return on foot or by bike along the path which connects Bosque Los Arrayanes with the port of Villa La Angostura.

flecha How many kilometres do I have to walk if I decide to return on foot? How long does it take? Which is the difficulty level of the path?
There are 12 km. from Bosque Los Arrayanes to the port of Villa La Angostura. If you go at normal speed, the walk usually takes about three hours. The path is signposted and its difficulty level is medium, with some undulations.

flecha Where can I rent a bike if I decide to return cycling? Can I take the bike free of charge on the Catamaran? Shall I pay an extra charge for carrying the bike? Is it advisable for minors?
Bikes can be rented in Villa La Angostura at any of the so many shops available downtown. You can carry your bike free of charge on the Catamaran. The difficulty level of the path is medium, with some undulations, reason why it is not advisable for minors or people not really used to cycling.

flecha Is it necessary to book the excursion in advance?
Yes, it is. You need to have a previous reservation since at the time of the excursion (specially during the high season) it may be possible not to find tickets available. You can book your ticket by phone or by email a day in advance.

flecha How can I pay the excursion?
In cash (local currency or American dollars) or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

flecha Can I visit Bosque Los Arrayanes at any time of the year? Which is the best time?
Yes. Bosque Los Arrayanes can be visited at any time of the year. If fact, the excursion by Catamaran usually operates 365 days a year. There is not a ‘best time’ to visit the Forest since each of the seasons has its own unique attraction.


flecha Is it necessary to take warm clothes for the excursion?
Regardless of the time of the year when you go on the excursion, it is always advisable to take warm clothes. Both sailing in Lake Nahuel Huapi and visiting Bosque Los Arrayanes, which is in general cold and humid, are activities that require protection so that you can fully enjoy the excursion.

flecha Is it possible to take any pets on board the Catamaran?
No, it is not. It is forbidden. Bosque Los Arrayanes is located inside a National Park and it is consequently not allowed to enter animals that may endanger the local ecosystem.

flecha Can I carry my baby’s pram?
Yes, you can. You can carry the pram on the Catamaran. However, once we arrive at Bosque Los Arrayanes it is advisable to leave it inside the craft since the 800-metre long path which goes through Bosque Los Arrayanes has several differences in floor level and steps that might make it difficult for you to walk along with the pram. Due to these reasons, carrying the baby is the most comfortable option at this point in the excursion.

flecha Do I have to walk a long distance in Bosque Los Arrayanes during the guided excursion?
The path which goes through the Forest is approximately 800 metres long with some differences in floor level. Its difficulty level is medium and the walk usually takes about 30 minutes.

flecha Is the excursion accessible for people with a motor dissability?
Yes, it absolutely is. Boarding and disembarking the Catamaran, as well as staying on board are totally possible for somebody – for instance – on a wheelchair. Once in Bosque Los Arrayanes, there is an alternative path (with no architectural barriers) that makes it possible to reach the Tea House from the quay, enjoying the very same natural environment as the rest of the tourists.

flecha What can I have at the Tea House? Can I pay in a foreign currency?
The Tea House is not a restaurant. There, you can taste delicious cakes, pastries, sandwiches, cookies, snacks, sweets, etc. You can also have a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, beer or a soda. You can only pay in cash (in local currency or American dollars).





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