Los Arrayanes Forest


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tl Arrayanes Forest, a meeting with the wilderness tl

The Arrayanes Forest is a quintessential site of attractions and it is a "one of a kind place in the world." This is due to the fact that even though the Arrayan trees, also known as myrtles, are usually myrtaceae bushes that grow on the shores of lakes and rivers, in this region they make up a thick forest with unique characteristics; here you can find wide trunk species, which are higher than forty-nine feet and as old as six hundred and fifty years, in some cases.

The singular and cold bark of this tree is made of silky-smooth and thin layers. The plant, through the segregation of tannin, dyes the bark cinnamon red, which falls off and produces their characteristic whitish spots.

Through a board path, you will be able to tour the forest and see how the Arrayan tree coexists with other vegetal and animal species, as well as the different stages in the growth process of this tree. If you are committed to preserve it, your experience with nature can be an unforgettable one...



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