Bosque Los Arrayanes



bosque excursion

The Futaleufu catamaran sails from the Bahia Mansa Port (Villa La Angostura's official port) to the Arrayanes Forest, located at the southwest point of the Quetrihue Peninsula. See regional maps.

Due to the characteristics of the north sector of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, the navigation is extremely calm, thus providing you with the maximum comfort so that you can enjoy of the wonderful environment that the bays of Villa La Angostura offer (Balsas, Cumelen and Manzano) and of the Andes framing. This is a calm lake that offers nothing but pleasure to its privileged visitors.

The craft counts with a sun deck on top, where the experience of connecting with nature is enhanced and where you can sunbathe a little or just let your imagination fly.

After sailing for forty-five minutes, we arrive at the ARRAYANES FOREST, a unique place in the world, due to its purity and to the size of its species, which in some cases are as old as four hundred years, and they reach a height of eighty two feet and a diameter of three inches, approximately. This tree also counts with a unique and irresistible cinnamon bark, which is cold to the touch. You can consider it an extra gift, if they are in bloom, let alone, if you are lucky enough to see the orchids that grow in the little trunks, located in the ground.

Since this excursion is carried out the whole year round, it is also possible to enjoy the Forest on snowy days, which offers a unique contrast of colors.

Once you arrive at the forest, you will walk its paths with our professional guides, who will inform you about the care and respect with which we need to treat our Reservations, National Parks, and natural life in general. They will also tell you some other interesting stories and historical information of the region.

Once the tour is over, you can visit the Forest's Tea house, which is a picturesque construction of the year 1933, and where you can enjoy a tasty meal and a warm beverage and you can get a souvenir of the place.

No doubt, once you get back to Villa La Angostura you will feel wrapped up in the magic, mysteries and beauty of this heavenly place, which is there just for your enjoyment.



tl TARIFS tl

REGULAR TRIPS 11 & 14:30hs.

Adults: AR$ 40000
Minors between 3 and 11 years old inclusive: AR$ 28000
Minors up to 3 years old: Free of charge
Retired and pensioners: AR$ 28000

Adults: AR$ 35000
Minors between 3 and 11 years old inclusive: AR$ 25000
Minors up to 3 years old: Free of charge
Retired and pensioners: AR$ 25000

(*) Valid for low season rate
Ask for fees and schedules for three-day weekends


Daily Departures:
11 & 14:30hs.


The excursion will be carried out with the following route:

Departure from Bahia Mansa
• Departure from Bahia Mansa, destination Quetrihue Port, sailing 45 minutes.
• Arrival at the Quetrihue Port, with a guided tour in the Arrayanes forest of 30 minutes, and 30 minutes to visit the "Forest Tea House."
• Departure from Quetrihue Port.
• Arrival at the Bahia Mansa, approximately two hours an half after the original departure.

(This schedule is guaranteed, except in cases of unforeseen events or if additional services are requested)

Boarding Tax:

AR$ 2

Admission fee for the Arrayanes forest National Park
General Entrance AR$ 15000


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